Golf may look like a leisurely activity, but make no mistake it is a game of strategy and skill. Not to mention playing 18 holes usually involves walking 4-5 miles - golf can put some stress on your feet and joints.

Did you know that added support and stability can improve your golf game though? Insoles don’t just prevent injury, they can give you a slight competitive edge which just may help you knock a few strokes off your game.

What are the most common golf foot injuries?

Like any sport, golf poses an increased risk of a variety of foot and ankle ailments. The most common foot-related injuries for golf players are:

Insoles can be extremely helpful here in managing/mitigating pain, however you should always consult a doctor if you are experiencing pain that does not go away with rest and ice.

What are the best insoles for golf?

Due to the stresses put on a golf player’s feet and ankles, you should look for insoles that provide a great deal of support, balance, and comfort to provide you the support you need on the course.

Look for insoles that provide:

  • Arch support that matches the contours of your feet
  • Firm support and cushioning to handle jumps, pivots, and turns
  • Balance to give you more stability and control in your swing
  • Durability to limit pronation and fatigue as you walk on the course
  • Comfort to keep you feeling refreshed after playing 18 holes

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Do insoles help with my performance for golf?

A clinical study showed that wearing orthotics increased the swing speed in a selection of golfers, proving that supportive orthotics can help improve golf performance. Insoles may not turn you pro, but the added support can help your game.