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Looking for more than an insole? Look no further than Powerstep. Powerstep is one of the leading brands in ready-to-wear orthotics and it’s no wonder: between them being designed by podiatrists and being in business for over 25 years, these are some of the best insoles on the market. Browse our collection of Powerstep insoles below!


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Pinnacle Maxx

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Pinnacle 3/4 (Slimtech)

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Pinnacle Wool

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Powerstep was founded by a podiatrist, who was also a foot surgeon and runner. The vision: to create a ready-to-wear orthotic that would effectively relieve foot pain. Offering exceptional quality and arch support, Powerstep is now the leading brand of orthotics prescribed by a range of medical professionals.


Powerstep has a mission: to provide the most effective products available for preventing and relieving common foot problems. The company was founded by a podiatrist with a successful vision to create a ready-to wear orthotic that would effectively relieve foot pain. This vision has brought the quality and comfort of over-the-counter insoles to a new level with products that are clinically proven to improve foot function. The orthotics are designed to change frontal plane alignment by bringing the rearfoot into correct alignment. This helps brings the bones into proper alignment, therefore preventing unnecessary strain and foot pain. Powerstep orthotics have become a nationwide leader in orthotic design. Studies have proven the products can relieve heel and arch pain and help conditions such as plantar fasciitis and overpronation. They also significantly increase the overall comfort in walking, running, and standing for long periods of time. The insoles are easy to use and ready to wear right out of the box. Fitting the products is simple, just pick your shoes size.


Powerstep orthotics such as the Pinnacle and the Pinnacle Maxx are designed by a podiatrist and have been awarded the seal of acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association. This seal is granted to products which are found to promote good foot health after the committee of experts “…scientifically evaluates and determines whether the product allows normal foot function and promotes quality foot health.” Powerstep products are widely endorsed by physicians and is one of the leading brands dispensed in medical offices, including podiatric offices and clinics. Patients have found extended comfort with Powerstep insoles, experiencing just the right balance of support and cushioning.


Powerstep is an employee-owned company which focuses on quality products that are affordable to the everyday consumer. The brand name has become recognized nation-wide and known for affordable orthoses that provide pain relief at an affordable price. Powerstep products are made in the U.S.A., the majority being manufactured in Ohio. The company is also committed to supporting US made products, which is appreciated by many consumers. Powerstep guarantees their products to be free of defects, both in workmanship and in materials. They offer a lifetime guarantee against breakage of the plastic food support (inside casing) when used under normal conditions. This total satisfaction guarantee is only valid for products purchased from authorized resellers and the company encourages all consumers to purchase their insoles directly from an authorized reseller in order to “Make Every Step a Powerstep.” Insoles.com is an authorized reseller of Powerstep insoles, orthotics, and accessories and offers Powerstep products as an affordable option for a quality insole.