Birkenstock Insoles

Birkenstock Insoles

Since the early 1900s, Birkenstock has been a reliable source of comfortable and supportive footwear. Birkenstock's insoles and arch supports add classic Birkenstock comfort to any shoe.


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The Birkenstock story begins in the late 1700s with Johann Adam Birkenstock, a shoemaker committed to the providing high quality footwear for his community. That commitment was passed down to Konrad Birkenstock who had a visionary idea in the mid-1800s: make and sell flexible footbed inserts.

And so the footbed was born.

To this day, the anatomical design forms the heart of the legendary brand. With Birkenstock insoles, you can add classic Birkenstock comfort to any shoe. Just insert them in practically any shoe – and step out in style with support!


There is a long history behind these insoles. Quality, craftsmanship, and tradition have set Birkenstock apart from the very beginning. It was in 1896 that flexible footbed insoles were first manufactured by master cobbler Konrad Birkenstock. In 1902 he developed the first contoured arch support. Then in 1925 the famous “blue footbed” arch support was one of the products manufactured at Birkenstock’s newly-opened facility in Friedberg, Germany. The Birkenstock name and products were finally introduced to the United States in 1966. Now you can experience the support that have provided pain relief and comfort for centuries.


Do you love Birkenstock sandals and shoes? They provide extraordinary support and comfort. Now you can experience that same comfort in all your shoes when you add Birkenstock insoles. The inserts allow you to add that same classic Birkenstock support to almost any shoe. From the first step you will notice the difference. Whether walking, running, or standing, Birkenstock insoles will add instant comfort to your shoes. These shoe inserts designed have helped thousands of people with plantar fasciitis, heel pain, arch pain, neuromas, and metatarsalgia. Use of the Birkenstock orthotic supports the natural anatomy of the foot and thus the entire musculoskeletal system. This contributes to healthy posture and the ability to walk and stand for long periods of time pain-free. Enjoy comfortable gait with the insert that helps your foot to hold its anatomically correct shape with every step.


Birkenstock shoe inserts offer a high level of comfort and support. The shock absorbing soles make them flexible, durable, and lightweight. The designs which include firm, resilient cork provide maximum support. The orthotics are made to cradle the heel and keep the natural cushioning of the heel’s fat pad right under the heel bone. They insoles also provide optimal support beneath the transverse arch and help to guide the foot through its natural rolling motion. In the Birkenstock Insole line you will find ¾ length inserts, full length orthotics, and insoles for kids. At we have chosen our favorite lines of Birkenstock inserts. All of the inserts are designed to provide optimum contact between the foot and the shoe. Birkenstock’s unique insoles are the perfect solution for your every day walk of life.