We care about your feet!

Insoles.com is run by Board Certified Pedorthists (C-Peds) who are well educated in biomechanics, types of gait, and medical conditions relating to the feet. We do not diagnose. Our purpose is to provide information, education, and quality products that are effective. We are not here to just sell you a product, we want you to have the right product for your foot type, gait, or pathology management. We want you to feel better.

Our Commitment

We have partnered with some of the best insole and orthotic companies in the United States. Many of the products we carry have been designed by podiatrists, physical therapists, pedorthists, and other medical professionals. Some of our partners include Superfeet Worldwide, Powerstep, Birkenstock, Form, Cadence, Currex, FootHealth, Spenco, Ten Seconds, Prothotics, Vionic, and New Balance. Together we are endeavoring to support you and your feet!

Support makes a difference

We know that when your feet hurt it affects your whole life. From the moment you get out of bed in the morning your feet support you throughout your whole day. When you have foot pain it can make every task you do more difficult. Hundreds of thousands of people have greatly benefited from the use of quality over the counter orthotics. The medical professionals at Insoles.com are working together to bring you quality insoles at an affordable price. A little extra support goes a long way!

Our Story

  • 1973 The owner and CEO of Insoles.com began working at his best friend’s family shoe store and repair. The father, a master shoemaker noticed hand skills of the young worker and began teaching him the craft of shoe making, repair and modifications.
  • 1986 After relocating, and now with a young family, the young man decided to purchase two shoe repair locations. For years he continued his passion for leatherworking and helping with the footwear of people in need of orthotic corrections to help with ambulation.
  • 1992 With the vision of a new business model and the help of his brother, the business was expanded to 5 locations with 12 employees.
  • 1994 Interested in pursuing the medical aspect of his career, and in the midst of the difficulty of the sudden passing of his younger brother, the owner began more aggressively studying anatomy, pathophysiology and biomechanics to better serve the people he encountered who were suffering discomfort or anomalies in their gait.
  • 1996 Pedorthic certification is received from the american board for certification in orthotics, prosthetics, and pedorthics.
  • 1997 Foothealth pedorthic services is established. With an emphasis on custom orthoses for patients with a doctor’s prescription. Counseling them on footwear, their new orthotic prescription, and what to expect from the correction became an extraordinarily rewarding experience.
  • 2000 Armed with education, compassion, and decades of experience, the company begins to focus on making available a myriad of over-the-counter insoles and orthotics with a commitment to providing its customers with a quality product for support and pain relief at a more affordable cost.
  • Present The owner still sees patients daily and is actively teaching and coaching the next generation.

Our values

Insoles.com is not just another website. We are real people working together to bring you the best product and service we possibly can. Our values are at the core of what we do.

  1. Walk with integrity

    The soles are the foundation of our company. From here we build our structure of personal and business morals, always striving to do what is right.

  2. Know your stuff

    Did you know there are different types of feet? you may have heard terms such as structured, unstructured, high arch, low arch, pronating and supinating. And you probably know at least one person who has dealt with the painful condition of plantar fasciitis. Our medical professionals have teamed up to match you with an optimal insole. What type of insole do you need for your specific foot type? which orthotic could help relieve your foot pain? our insole advisor may be able to help you answer this question!

  3. Quality, quality, quality

    There are so many products out there. We've tried, tested, and researched many of them. We know the quality difference and strive to offer our customers only the best in arch support and pain relief.

  4. Care for the customer

    You are why we are here. Our goal is to help find you the product that suits your needs and foot type. We are here to serve you and offer the best customer care that we can.

  5. Offer affordable options

    We recognize that there are cases in which custom orthotics are necessary. We also recognize that in many cases the more affordable option of a pre-manufactured insole or orthotic can improve gait, relieve pain, reduce fatigue, and improve the overall quality of life.

Meet our mascot

Meet Baxter, our 98 pound Old English sheepdog who likes us to think he runs the place. He would love it if we would make insole-shaped chew toys. Anyway, he keeps us company during long hours and insole research. And he is great at his job, because he always makes us smile.