America’s pastime provides a great source of exercise and fun, however it can bring quite a few foot injuries with it. With its sudden starts, stops, and sprints - baseball can be a demanding game on your feet making insoles an excellent choice for injury prevention and performance improvement.

Bear in mind, you’ll need a pair of cleats that have a removable insole so you can put your orthotics in.

What are the most common baseball foot injuries?

Like any sport, baseball poses an increased risk of a variety of foot and ankle ailments. The most common foot-related injuries for baseball players are:

Insoles can be extremely helpful here in managing/mitigating pain, however you should always consult a doctor if you are experiencing pain that does not go away with rest and ice.

What are the best insoles for baseball?

Baseball is unique in that your level of movement and stress will vary greatly depending on the position you play. Infielders will spend a lot of time adjusting to sudden starts and stops, outfielders will do their fair share of sprints, and catchers will spend the entire game squatting down on their feet.

Regardless of where you play, we recommend insoles with good shock absorption to reduce stress on your feet and ankles.

Insoles can provide additional support to your cleats to keep you feeling refreshed after 9 innings on the field. Look for insoles that provide:

  • Arch support that matches the contours of your feet
  • Firm support and cushioning
  • A deep heel cup to stabilize the rear foot
  • Durability so they do not wear down with too much use

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Do insoles help with my performance for baseball?

A pair of insoles won’t transform you into Barry Bonds, however they can reduce fatigue and prevent injuries to keep you on the field longer.