Motion Control

Motion Control Insole by 10 Seconds is the best insert for over-pronation and plantar fasciitis. Great orthotic for standing, running, working, and sports.


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  • Can I wash my Motion Control Insole?

    You can hand wash and air dry your motion control insoles. If needed you can use a soft bristled brush. You may remove excess water with a soft towel and allow to air dry. Do not place near a heat source to dry and do not machine wash or dry.

  • I am flat footed & have plantar fascitis of the right foot. I wear a size 10 1/2 sneaker. Which product & what size insole should I get?

    The Ten Seconds Motion Control is a great insole for a flat foot and is very good for plantar fasciities. Another really good option is the Superfeet Copper.  Both of these insoles fit the best in a shoe with a removable liner.  We recommend getting whichever size corresponds with your shoe size.  If the insole is at all too long for the shoe the end can be trimmed.