Pressure Relief with Met Pad

Ten Seconds Pressure Relief Arch Support with metatarsal pad reduces friction in your shoes and keeps your feet blister-free. Recommended for diabetics.


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  • Do I need to have these heat molded to my foot?

    No.  The materials used cause them to naturally form to your foot using your body's heat.

  • Are these a good insert for diabetics?

    Yes, these insoles are made with Plastazote® and are great for diabetics who do not have a prescription orthotic.

  • Do these come in wide widths?

    These are not made in a wide width.  If you order one size larger than your normal size and trim the end to fit the shoe that will usually work well for a wide width.

  • I wear New Balance shoes in size 16, 4E width. This insert comes in size 16-16.5. Will it work for the 4E width in that size?

    Most likely it will work.  However there is a chance it will not be quite wide enough to completely fill the toebox and you may have a small gap. It depends on the shoe and the shape of the toebox.

  • Will this fit a 5 e shoe

    In general these would not be wide enough for the width of a 5E shoe.  We have had customers order the insoles in one size larger and then trim the end to fit into a wider shoe. That has worked well for many people.  We do have a request in to the 10 Seconds company to begin manufacturing this insole in a wide width. Hopefully this will be something they will offer in the future.