Pressure Relief with Met Pad

Ten Seconds Pressure Relief Arch Support with metatarsal pad reduces friction in your shoes and keeps your feet blister-free. Recommended for diabetics.

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Sandra Lamberg
Great cushion/comfort

I have had to wear an orthotic that offers both cushion and arch support with metatarsal support for years, but can no longer find the orthotic that provided the most relief for ball of foot pain due to a broken sesamoid bone and arthritis. I've had these insoles for 2 days and so far my feet are very happy. Yes, they are a bit bulky, but for them to do their job, they need to be. I know I'll always require a shoe that has a deep and wide toe box. I read a lot of shoe reviews before I buy a shoe because 90% of them won't work for my foot condition. But to walk without pain is a pleasure I don't take for granted and will buy this orthotic again!

donald gulliksen
They work as advertised!

Having suffered from extreme pain in the Metatarsal regions of my feet (Metatarsalgia), I have tried several different brands of innersoles. None have been as comfortable as the 10 Seconds Pressure relief with met pad innersoles. They have provided relief from the pain I have experienced. Highly recommended.

better than expected

So far these insoles have been better than expected. I have tried many insoles over the years but the 10 second pressure relief with met pad do just what they are intended to do, relief pressure in my feet. I look forward to daily comfort while doing my job each day on my feet and I would recommend these insoles to anyone.

Corrine Mason
Love these!

I have metatarsalgia and these have been great. I had a hard time finding anything that helped but these really do. I am on my third pair now. I would recommend them!

Wonderful Inserts for Older Runners

I am a first time buyer of insoles from your company. I have been searching for several years trying to replace the NB pressure relief with Met pad with no results. From a goggle search I discovered that you sell the Ten Seconds insoles that are exactly like the New Balance. I am very pleased with my service from you along with the prompt delivery. You have exceeded my expectations in every way. As a older runners, these insoles will hopefully add years to my running.
Thank you!


Ask a Question
  • Do I need to have these heat molded to my foot?

    No.  The materials used cause them to naturally form to your foot using your body's heat.

  • Are these a good insert for diabetics?

    Yes, these insoles are made with Plastazote® and are great for diabetics who do not have a prescription orthotic.

  • Which inner sole would be better for metatarsal pain, the Ultra Arch innersole or the Pressure relief with met pad?

    The 10 Seconds Ultra Arch is the best for metatarsal pain if you have a high arch.  The 10 Seconds Motion Control is best for metatarsal pain if you overpronate/have a low arch.  The 10 Seconds Pressure Relief with Met Pad is good for any arch type and will help with metatarsal pain along with added cushioning and comfort.

  • Do these come in wide widths?

    These are not made in a wide width.  If you order one size larger than your normal size and trim the end to fit the shoe that will usually work well for a wide width.

  • I wear New Balance shoes in size 16, 4E width. This insert comes in size 16-16.5. Will it work for the 4E width in that size?

    Most likely it will work.  However there is a chance it will not be quite wide enough to completely fill the toebox and you may have a small gap. It depends on the shoe and the shape of the toebox.

  • Will this fit a 5 e shoe

    In general these would not be wide enough for the width of a 5E shoe.  We have had customers order the insoles in one size larger and then trim the end to fit into a wider shoe. That has worked well for many people.  We do have a request in to the 10 Seconds company to begin manufacturing this insole in a wide width. Hopefully this will be something they will offer in the future.