Ultra Arch

The 10 Seconds Ultra Arch orthotic adds extra cushioning and shock absorption for those with a high arch or a structured, rigid foot.

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The Real Deal !!!

I first purchased this insole years ago when 10 Seconds to Comfort was the "official" New Balance supplier. I had reoccurring Plantar Fasciitis in both feet and a bout with Morton's neuroma.
I tried other insoles which offered some relief but felt I still needed a larger arch support. This was it. It takes a little getting used to but... pain was gone.
I have six pairs. They outlast the New Balance shoes. I play Pickleball four days a week. My feet are not a problem any longer.

Ultra Arch - 10 Seconds

This insole is THE REAL DEAL. I'm type 2 diabetic and I do a lot of walking on sidewalks and streets. Before using this product, I sensed a lot of pressure and uncomfortableness on my feet. I attributed this to my diabetes condition (and no, I do not have neuropathy). But after using this product, my feet are very comfortable now when I walk and I can go my usual 2-3 mile walk without any discomfort. So for me, it's a no-brainer 5-star product.

travis hulvey
Great product

5 star rating, quick shipping, great price

Fran Watkins
Great Insoles

I found these several years ago when New Balance quit making one very similar to this. It is great for long-lasting arch support.

Pat Fiorenza
Matches Aetrex

So my right ball of foot has been hurting for many years. This insert matches the more expensive aetrex brand that I previously bought-that one only lasted about 60 days. Then foot pain returned. I have been using these for almost 2 weeks now and NO pain. They are kinda rigid but breaks in after a week. Besides these two styles NOTHING has worked.


Ask a Question
  • Can Ultra ARCH iNSOLES be used in water sports? I play water volleyball in a pool.

    The insoles are not waterproof and will absorb moisture.  If you use them in the pool you will want to make sure to let them thoroughly dry in between each use.

  • which is better for mortons neuroma, metatarsal pain with accompying planter faschitis the motion green or the ultr orange. thank u.

    They are both excellent insoles for metatarsal pain and plantar fasciities. If you have a high arch we recommend the Ten Seconds Ultra Arch. If you have a medium to low arch we recemmend the Ten Seconds Motion Control.

  • Are are they good for long periods of standing

    Yes these are great for adding comfort and support to your shoes during long periods of standing.  The Ultra Arch insole is one of the top choices for people with high arches.