Ultra Arch

Prothotic Ultra Arch multi-sport insole is a medical grade orthotic for medium to high arches. Provides support and adds cushioning and shock absorption.

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Mary G
Amazing insoles!

I was recently diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in my right foot. The pain was horrible and I couldn't walk, which has been a daily ritual for years for me and my little dog. Yes, I've been doing therapy, but the insoles I ordered allowed me to immediately walk again without measurable pain. Each day I've been able to increase my distance and I'm hoping to soon get back to my three plus miles per day. Thank you so much for this amazing product, I won't own another pair of athletic shoes without using these insoles. They have saved my life and the pleasure I get from walking!


I just bought a new pair of running shoes to replace my very old ones. Every time I worked out, half way through my feet were burning and feeling hot. I was so disappointed, and was going to return the shoes, and try to find new ones. Then I remembered that I had put Ultra Arch Multi-Sport insoles in my old shoes. I ordered a new pair, put them in my new shoes, and that took care of all of my issues! I love my new shoes and I love my new insoles!! Super comfy!!

Best for high arches

I have very high arches and developed plantar fasciitis in both feet when I was running on a regular basis. These arch supports are the best I have found for all day comfort and support.

Kendel Ann Kissinger
Love them!

I have struggled with unstable ankles and have very high arches. This product is better than any custom-made orthotic a physician has ever made for me. I replace mine every 6 months and it is well worth is to have happy feet and ankles.


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  • I bought these to help with over supination but the description says it prevents over pronation. Are these insoles the correct ones?

    Yes, these are one of the best insoles for over-supination.