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Sam Leach

My next stop was a podiatrist and I wanted to try one more insert. This one is Great!! The pain started decreasing the very day I put them in my shoes. Give this a try before your trip to the doctor!

Great Product

I have been using this product for years, and I really like it. I take out the factory insoles and replace them with these, and it makes a huge difference in comfort.

Great cushion/comfort

I have had to wear an orthotic that offers both cushion and arch support with metatarsal support for years, but can no longer find the orthotic that provided the most relief for ball of foot pain due to a broken sesamoid bone and arthritis. I've had these insoles for 2 days and so far my feet are very happy. Yes, they are a bit bulky, but for them to do their job, they need to be. I know I'll always require a shoe that has a deep and wide toe box. I read a lot of shoe reviews before I buy a shoe because 90% of them won't work for my foot condition. But to walk without pain is a pleasure I don't take for granted and will buy this orthotic again!

Great for arch support

I had the slim fit of these, but was needing a little more arch support and these are perfect. the heel is a bit thicker so it should be worn in a shoe with a deeper heel. These work well in both a regular and a wide shoe and they fit true to size. Best price on the internet and they shipped fast.

They work as advertised!

Having suffered from extreme pain in the Metatarsal regions of my feet (Metatarsalgia), I have tried several different brands of innersoles. None have been as comfortable as the 10 Seconds Pressure relief with met pad innersoles. They have provided relief from the pain I have experienced. Highly recommended.

Ultra Arch
Andrew Fausto
Soft Insoles

They feel real good, nice and soft but the arch support takes some getting use to

Ultra Arch
Chris B
Great Support!

Never used insoles except cheap ones and finally doctor told me I need them and to try these. Worked great! My plantar fasciitis has been much better and I’ve gotten these for all of my shows. Highly recommend!

Motion Control 3210
Gary Gomolak
NB Motion Control 3210

One of the best support and cushioned insoles ever made. Hope 10 Seconds can continue the quality.

Motion Control Sport
Jeffery Wright
Brother Recommended (Fits Great)

I needed a pair of insole to fit my New Balance Men's Mx517v1 Cross Trainer Shoes (size 8, 4E US). My brother recommended the Prothotic Motion Control Sport (C:Men 7-8.5) as he had purchased a pair for himself. I ordered a pair for myself. When they arrived , I inserted them into my New Balance Cross Trainer Shoes without any adjustments. They have provided good support for my feet.
I am very satisfied with this product.
Jeffery Wright 6-10-22

better than expected

So far these insoles have been better than expected. I have tried many insoles over the years but the 10 second pressure relief with met pad do just what they are intended to do, relief pressure in my feet. I look forward to daily comfort while doing my job each day on my feet and I would recommend these insoles to anyone.

Great relief

Theses insoles are better than the$400.00 insoles that were made by a local podiatrist. More comfortable and greater relief.
I have 3 pair

RunPro Medium
New life for a great pair of shoes

I have a great pair of shoes that the insoles just broke down and they were painful to wear. These Currex insoles gave them new life and now I enjoy wearing them again!

Love these!

I have metatarsalgia and these have been great. I had a hard time finding anything that helped but these really do. I am on my third pair now. I would recommend them!

R Casillas
Can not walk without

I am over 65 and need all the help I can get .
The premium insoles reinforced is just the help
I NEED to keep on walking

Great Service & Proucts

My wife uses these insoles in all her shoes. Being able to get them so quickly and at a good price is terrific.

Ultra Arch
Mary G
Amazing insoles!

I was recently diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in my right foot. The pain was horrible and I couldn't walk, which has been a daily ritual for years for me and my little dog. Yes, I've been doing therapy, but the insoles I ordered allowed me to immediately walk again without measurable pain. Each day I've been able to increase my distance and I'm hoping to soon get back to my three plus miles per day. Thank you so much for this amazing product, I won't own another pair of athletic shoes without using these insoles. They have saved my life and the pleasure I get from walking!

Owen Frank
Comfort at its Best

Theses are the best insoles I have ever worn. I have trouble standing for a long time. Put these in my sneakers and I can't believe how much they help. No more foot pain and no more tiered legs. Can walk all day with no issues. They are the best I have tried and I have tried them all. Glad to have found them and will be purchasing more of the same for my other shoes.

Ultra Arch
Kathy S
Thank you, Insoles!

I have been searching for these arch supports to replace my old New Balance-branded arch supports and these are the exact same ones! I am thrilled! I have an extremely high arch and these are the only ones that work well for me! The support is in just the right place. I can use them in my running shoes and my tennis shoes. They are true to size. Ordering and shipping was fast and easy. Will definitely reorder these when the time comes! Thank you!

RunPro Medium
margaret reynolds
Great padding for boney feet!

I am so happy with this product. I plan to order more so I don't have to move these insoles from one pair of shoes to another I need them in all my shoes, boots, etc. I am told that my loss of "cushion" in the ball of my feet is the result of aging! I began to hobble around, feet hurting as if I were walking barefoot on stones! I pulled out all the insoles of some old Merrill slipons I like to wear gardening, and even my fairly new Keene boots -- with these new inserts I can now wear these shoes and boots comfortably.


Great cushion and arch support

Great support

Great support and cushioning. Fit my needs

Wonderful Inserts for Older Runners

I am a first time buyer of insoles from your company. I have been searching for several years trying to replace the NB pressure relief with Met pad with no results. From a goggle search I discovered that you sell the Ten Seconds insoles that are exactly like the New Balance. I am very pleased with my service from you along with the prompt delivery. You have exceeded my expectations in every way. As a older runners, these insoles will hopefully add years to my running.
Thank you!

Pressure Relief
Madeline Wood
pressure relief

I have been buying this insole for years and it is the best to support my arch and cushion my painful metatarsal heads. I will continue to buy these!

Ultra Arch

I just bought a new pair of running shoes to replace my very old ones. Every time I worked out, half way through my feet were burning and feeling hot. I was so disappointed, and was going to return the shoes, and try to find new ones. Then I remembered that I had put Ultra Arch Multi-Sport insoles in my old shoes. I ordered a new pair, put them in my new shoes, and that took care of all of my issues! I love my new shoes and I love my new insoles!! Super comfy!!

Pain relief!

I buy these inserts regularly for my husband who walks 14,000+ steps per day for his job. They are very helpful for relieving his foot pain.