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Robin Corum
Love the Form Reinforced Insoles

Gives me the xtra support I need for my Posterior Tibial Tendinitis.

Ultra Arch
Gabby Hall

They are very comfortable and work great

Motion Control Sport
William Gordon
Great Product and Great Service

Wonderful support, long lasting, and at a good price. Also, when there was a problem with delivery, customer support acted quickly to solve the problem. Great product; great service!

Ultra Arch
Laurie L
Still working great for my husband!

We discovered these insoles about 3 or 4 years ago. They have provided my very high arch, bunioned spouse's feet with comfort (suffer’s from Morton’s neuroma) for the first time in forever. We order a couple replacements every year or so and hope they never stop making them!

Ultra Arch
Irene Hart

The ultra arch insole has made it possible for me to walk and play in comfort.

Ultra Arch
Dottie Powers
pricey but worth it

I have plantar fascitis and these insoles do the trick. Sizing was perfect as well. I will buy whenever I get a new pair of shoes.

Ultra Arch
Cameron McGough
Love them so far

Have only walked in them to break them in. No runs yet, but so far, I am very pleased with them. Thought the "bump" might take some getting used to, but these are very comfortable.


If you decide to make a thicker denser insole I would like to try it .
Recently had surgery so I’m trying to recoup.

Richard Jenkins
They feel pretty good.

I did add some re-enforcement under the arch though.

phyllis vitale

So far so good

Memory Foam
Couldn't be More Perfect

It may be too soon for this review but I was looking for something to replace inserts in aging carbon plated running shoes (350+ miles) and thought I'd try these. Upon inspection they appeared way too thick and heavy for running. Another worry came to mind also as I've been running in the same brand of shoes with the same inserts for 3+ years and the change may cause an injury to my 63 year old legs. I put them in the shoes (the fit was perfect) and loosened the laces across the top to make up for extra height within the shoe. I was afraid that raising my heel in the heel cup could be an issue. Ran 6 miles and loved every minute of it. No problems. Didn't slow me down one bit. If anything the thickness of the heel forced me to land more forward on my toes which is what I want. What a difference. The shock absorption and extra spring in my step more than made up for the extra weight in the shoes. Woke up the next morning with more refreshed legs than ever before. If anything changes within the next couple of weeks good or bad I'll update the review. I have 12 different pairs of shoes and plan to move these around to each one as I train in a different pair every run.

Four Seasons 3/4
Reliable help

They provide just enough support to allow me to walk without pain. Fit well in all my shoes. I buy a new set for each new pair of shoes.

Spenco Cross Trainer
Marilyn Mauch

The insoles are wonderful! What a difference it makes for me.

Pressure relief with met pad

Insoles are working for me feel great like the cushion of feet

Ultra Arch
Daniela Nicoara
Best inserts

I’ve been wearing these kind of inserts for years, they were recommended by the foot doctor

Spenco Cross Trainer
Donald Conner

Do what there supposed to do.

Spenco Arch Cushion Full Length

Ultra Arch
Jan Epps
Great product, great service

Excellent turn around time, insoles are very well formed and fit great. Extremely satisfied.

Holiday 3/4

Haven’t tried standing for hours
with them but so far they are comfortable.

It is not for me

Cadence Original
Anne Ireland
Only insoles I can wear

I walk 6 miles 4 times a week and these insoles protect my knees so well. I wear Hoka Bondi which have the most cushion but these insoles make an even greater difference. I’ve used these insoles for many years now

Mark Schroeder
Heel pain

Not a good insole for working on your feet all day

Cadence Original
Sue Anderson

I've hiked 4 times in the first week after receiving these insoles and my heel pain is fading fast. The local fitness hike is 3 mile round trip, altitude gain of 1000 ft and a mix of gravel road, dirt trails and clambering up and down rocks. In the past the heel pain on the last downhill mile was limping bad. Not now! My feet have felt better every day and no pain on the day after. This is huge. I've tried other insoles over the years and these are by far the best.

Keeps me moving

These insoles keep me moving. I don't have Plantar Fasciitis pain anymore.

Cadence Original
Nancy Hostetter
great inserts

Seems crazy to buy expensive athletic shoes and then outfit them with pricey insoles, but it's worth it to keep my feet happy. Other parts of my 69 year old body might be squawking at me, but these things keep my feet pretty happy. They have a more cushioned heel than superfeet which seems to help my resolving case of plantar fasciitis.