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Pressure Relief
Best one yet!

I’ve tried dozens of shoe inserts to try to relieve the pain and prevent the growing of calluses!! One is on the outer foot below the pinky. The other under my big toe pad. To date, so far, your product is helping the best, but wonder, how long they will last? Any other Ideas for my problem? Thank You

Pretty good thin insole

I took out the factory insoles in my Adidas Fluidflow 2.0 and replaced them with these Cadence low arch insoles. They are a 'low arch' sole, but combined with the slight arch support in the shoe, they fit my moderate arches well.
4 stars because they aren't as form fitting as the Superfeet i have in other shoes. But they still support my feet well and have just enough cushioning that I really enjoy walking around in these shoes.

Motion Control Sport
Holly Gumbert
Insoles - MC

Great product and works great for plantar fasciitis relief.

Pressure Relief
Tommie George
Perfect Insoles

Bought these Insoles because of the statement that they were same as New balance used to sell. Have used them with my New Balance shoes for years. Tried many other types but none as good as these.

Ultra Arch
Vicki Renshaw
Great Insoles

These are great insoles and I stand all day at my job.

Ultra Arch
Evan Frank
Form fitted

You might want to go to a specialist to get the correct insert for your feet. These are okay but I think I should have got a different kind for my feet.

Pressure Relief with Met Pad
Don Larson (lrsn_42)

Pressure Relief with Met Pad

Pressure Relief
Michael Fletcher
Pressure relief insoles

I really like and have been pleased with product and service

Holiday 3/4
Julia James
Great for nice shoes!

These insoles are thin yet give needed arch support in flats. Satisfied Customer

Gwendolyn Bowles

These insoles worked great! No more pain.

Would like them to be alittle thicker and spongier

Ultra Arch
Sharon L Gorjup
As promised!

My daughter told me about these insoles after my pain got so bad I could barely walk. I decided I had nothing to loose. I wore them for one full day the first day. Had to get used to them, but by the next day, my pain was gone. They are comfortable. They live up to my expectations & needs. I had only ordered one pair, but am going back for more. Thank you!

Ultra Arch
Kathleen Eggers
My favorite!

I have been using this insole (previously New Balance) and am so very please to have found the identical insole here at a reasonable price. Received my order promptly and I did not have to even trim the toe area which I sometime had to do in the past. I had a stress fracture about 12 years ago and have used these insoles in all my shoes/boot since and have not had another fracture. Highly recommend this product!

Ultra Arch
Christina Varras
Finally relief!

This is my second time purchasing two at a time, these insoles have been such a relief to my feet and back. I haven’t had any reoccurrence of plantar fasciitis since started using these, having been searching for insoles for years and am grateful to have found these.

Cadence Original
Joan E Sebenaler
Cloud walking

These aren’t like walking on a cloud but they sure are better than the dr made insoles or the ones that came with my shoes.

Ultra Arch
Gaile Loving

Unsure if they are right for my foot and shoe. Wore them all week and ran in them this weekend. A few blisters …

Cadence Original
Amy Lunstrum

I put these insoles in my walking shoes and they help reduce the pain from plantar fasciitis a great deal. This is my second pair.

Comfort for Arthritic Feet

I've got damaged feet from RA, and have been wearing custom fit orthodics for years. So glad I tried these, as they are more comfortable than my custom fit inserts!

Cadence Original
Nikki Greenfield (ocalbdad)
Inadequate Arch Support

Title says it all.

Haven't received them yet

Glad to give you a review when I get them.


Cadence Original
Support & Cushion!

The underfoot support shape of the Cadence insoles helped me recover from planter fasciitis. And now my older flat feet appreciate the heel cushion when walking. The Cadence are giving longer useful life to my existing hiking shoes. After trying several of the leading brands, for me these are the best!

Spenco Cross Trainer
Joyce Grover
Really great!

I've been using these insoles since they were recommended by my podiatrist some years. Glad to have an online source!

Ultra Arch
Connee Foster
Like getting a little stretch with each step

The metatarsal pad is perfect for giving the tendons in the arch area of my foot a little stretch with every step I take. I have not had any recurrence of my plantar fasciitis since wearing these insoles.

Pressure Relief with Met Pad
Donald F Killarney


Ultra Arch
Deborah Olson
Solved my problem

Have plantar faciitis and the insoles helped immensely. I was able to walk again without a lot of pain.