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I never use this one and bought the 2 pairs by mistake, so I did return them!

Great for Arch Pain

Helped a lot with my Arch pain

Great for Arch Pain

Helped a lot with my arch pain


loved these; worked rly well for my feet issues


I've used them for over 20 years. Finally had to order new ones. Also love the 3/4 length arch cushion for shoes that don't have as much room.

Ultra Arch
Joseph Y.
The best!

I am very pleased to find an alternative for New Balance soles.
I tried many insoles arch support and this is by far the best and the only one working for me besides the New Balance (not longer available).
Looks exact the same.

Pressure Relief
Charlene Atkins
My go to Insole!

I have a lot of foot pain due to RA and have had both feet operated on at least once. These continue to be my go to insoles for comfort & support. has these more than any other seller, so thank you!

Happy with purchase.

Ellen Speert

Easy refund

Spenco RX Full Length Arch Support Cushions

I have severe back pain, foot pain, fibromyalgia and neuropathy. My feet are ALWAYS red, hot and burning. I have seen doctors and gone to professional "orthopedic" people, with no luck. I have tried so many types of insoles, including custom made and they are all just much too hard on my feet. These are the only product that I have found that have been able to make walking somewhat bearable for me. I have been wearing them for quite a number of years now and would highly recommend them. Niki at was wonderful to work with! My previous medical supplier stopped carrying this brand. I'm so glad that I found them on this website. I will definitely be ordering more! Thank you 😇!

Holiday 3/4
Judy Patrick

Just that slight bit of arch support I needed without crowding my foot in the shoe. I’ve ordered a second pair for another similar pair of shoes. And, a very reasonable price.

Holiday 3/4
Beverly Nix
Great company

Great communication, fast shipping and quality product. Quality leather and true to size fit.


These insoles are exactly what I was looking for.

So supportive and comfortable!


I have used this product for several years with Zero problems. Product is excellent and in over five plus years never a a problem.

Great Improvement

I have two bones that have dropped in the front of my right foot, not only is it painful, but it also creates a callus that can also build up. I have tried regular circular foot pads when there was just one, but now there are two. Anyway these shoe inserts are not perfect but they do alleviate a lot of the pain.

Spenco Walker Runner
David Friedman
Great product

Immediately delivery and quality

Great Support!

I use to get lower back pain when standing or walking real slow. With the Ultra Arch support, it keeps my feet aligned correctly with my body and I don't have the back pain like I use to.

Comparable to New Balance!

These insoles provide awesome cushioning in the met pad, and the overall quality is fantastic — comparable to New Balance insoles but at 80% of the price.

I will definitely buy these again!

They seem to have helped me

I have plantar Fascistic. I did not want to buy a Birkenstock shoes for $150.00 + . so I bought these for $60.00 instead. Still not sure about buying the Birkenstock shoes yet. These insoles seem to help me at this time. Maybe sometime I will invest int the Birkenstock shoe. My problem with the shoes are that they are the ugliest shoes I have seen :)

The right product

Placed an order but received the wrong product. Contacted customer service and they shipped out the right order asap. Am very happy with their responsive service, the proper insoles can do wonders for your feet. Thank You

Motion Control Sport
Thomas Eberly
Just not my style

Not a fan but I am sure others might be

Pressure Relief
Laura Tate
Wishing for a wide width

I have worn these insoles when New Balance manufactured them. They were in a wide size. While these insoles are comfortable, I think they would be better in a wide size.

Great Fit

The insoles worked great as replacements for my shoes

Exact Match

I have worn the Ultra insole from New Balance for many many years. I am so happy you are making an Exact Match to those insoles. I have to wear them every day in all my shoes. I cannot go without them. Thank You at!

Memory Foam
Trudi Rosenbaum

They are too thick! Do not fit the shoe.